JOB DESCRIPTION OR JOB DESCRIPTION: With the experienced knowledge of surveying, topography, and drawing. Its mission is to prepare estimated calculations of the cost of manufacturing products, construction projects, or services to help the administration to make bids for bids or to determine the price of a product or service. This position consists of seeing the apartments and measuring the areas to work. To then provide us with a report of how much material is needed, how many days of work. Also, provide us with two drawings, one with the existing shape of the apartment and the other drawing expressing the changes that the owner wishes to make.



• Make quotes for projects

• Perform price analysis

• Director total budget to carry out the corresponding management

• Handling of measuring equipment.

POSITION LEVEL: Managerial. 

WILL SUPERVISE: Painters, plumbers, electricians, and all ceramic and flooring personnel.



Monday to Friday

• Time: 9am-5pm.

• Total hours: 40.

• Duration: Temporary one year.

 WORKPLACE: Bronx, New York.


• Surveyor.


• Drafting of Technical Reports

• Writing and orography.

• Management of Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)



As a surveyor, topographer, and draftsman for over eight verifiable years in analyzing unit prices in the construction industry.


 • Hourly wage: 33.64


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